Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance consists of several types of coverage designed to protect businesses, their owners, and their employees. Policies include basic coverages such as property, liability and commercial auto insurance; as well as other optional insurance, such as business interruption, equipment breakdown and workers compensation.


The construction industry provides large exposures for companies and their owners. Each of the trades has their own unique work and demands that has to be properly insured to meet contractual requirements and ensure the safety of their clients and employees.

Diversified also specializes in bonds. If you are a developer, contractor, or other professional in need of a bond- DIG can do that for you!

Real Estate

The real estate industry from an insurance perspective derives exposure from its physical assets and the occupants within them. Coverage can vary from residential rental dwellings to large box retailer and apartment complexes. Its important to know what your portfolio is made up of and that it is insured properly.


Retail and wholesale operations face large exposure in the form of physical product and product liability driven from the items they sell. We are here to help you understand the applicable coverages you will need to protect your business from property loss in the exposure form of stock, equipment breakdown, spoilage and loss of income. Additionally, retail businesses need to protect themselves from various liability in the form of product and premises liability.


Owning and running a restaurant can be stressful and very busy. We are here to make sure you have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from the many exposures associated with running a resturaunt.